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Bookshelf – Journey Into Setting it up!

To start with, I love books…

I don’t particularly remember when I fell in love with them. But I do remember that the urge to read more and more started with 4th standard.

Like all good habits in life…reading became crucial when my parents introduced books of various graphics, stories and World Records to our young lives. My escape for school course-books was the bookbox that contained dad’s collection of Atlas, Natural & Wildlife books and some cool magazines from the days he traveled frequently. (Well, an escape after I was done with the stupidest things like peeling the pencil with cutter untill only the lead was left, making a long thread out of rubber, collecting sparkles & sharpening crayons for the colour powder, collecting chalk powder, sharpening pencil & getting perfect swirls of wood & fixing tiny electric toys & re-creating candles with wax collected from exhausted candles.)

A couple of years back – 4 I suppose, I read all of them before my family planned upon dumping the ever growing pile. A LOT OF BOOKS & magazines were discarded, including the Flight magazines, Fashion Magazines (that my sister subscribed during school days, continuing all the way to fashion college & stopped coming my way only now that she has moved after marriage – I still have three boxes dedicated – in TBR pile)

After out home’s renovation 10 years back, a lot of changes occurred…Old book box was turned into an alternate shoe box, books were now moved to Toy wardrobe, the toy almirah was emptied and everything was given away to bunch of people.

Like all life changes meant bigger and better improvements, (skipping five pages of emotions & thoughts in this post), so I ended up with a room by myself & even though I love the artwork that was displayed in the room, it just simply was of my taste and felt like it belonged to a fabulous lobby, but not in bedroom. For one entire year, while I was getting prints ready to be put across the wall in room, it never really happened. Untill now……

A new idea popped up, that serves two purpose:

  1. Create space to put out the books, so they can breathe out of boxes.
  2. Set up in a manner that compliments the frames on empty wall.
  3. Do something that will not dominate the LCD (solely there for occasional movie & a lot of music – live picture frame more likely)

What I planned for  :

  1. Get it sorted cheap.
  2. Get it QUICK – no dust no hassle.
  3. Keep it simple, to allow changes which I need too often. (If you’ve ever been to my place, most likely you’ve never seen the same setting twice. I move furniture. The only constant is my bedsheet that I LOVE- it survived three years and I have no clue what will happen once it gives up.)
  4. Two shelves -raw feel- with shelf brackets (Idea completely stolen from classic Ankush’s office- so much so that I requested even the brackets be brought from the same store)
  5. A string of fairy lights to complete it all.

What REALLY happened :

  1. Four shelves – 2 big, two small.
  2. Zero raw feel, these are now – (well, I’ll share the photograph)
  3. A whole day where carpenter spent making the shelves.
  4. DUST all over the place – filling my eyes and lungs with strange feel I can’t express.
  5. Three shelves set, two left (since the settings changes when raw material came in for shelves) – The shelves overflowed with books coz I stopped waiting for other shelves and put up the books.
  6. Project stuck up for three whole weeks with three shelves, since we payed the carpenter in full, so he never really showed up.
  7. All set, five shelves supported by SS brackets embrace my walls. All kept the way I almost planned for & to cover up the nails, the fairylights worked perfect to form heart around my books. Also, no space left for photo frames!

I shift furniture all the time in my room, depending on the kind of change I want. I have two single beds – one to sleep on and the other to work on. Everything works great!

Room goals achieved ☺️

What TIPS I give to anyone who needs it :

  1. Never involve anyone else in the making of what you want. If you want something and have a clear picture. Just follow essential steps and STICK to it.
  2. Never plan to expand the space – do what you planned to and use different style.
  3. If your books are few, get cheap floating/invisible shelves online. Cheaper than the price you’ll pay for custom work.
  4. Buy a bookshelf itself, really… Walk into a homecenter & just buy the damn thing. It comes with a cost, but I’d rather pay then clean my entire bedroom. (Unless you are Mr. Bean and cover everything before the paint kinda person)
  5. Nothing is forever. Keep it simple & just have fun.

A few things that I can’t help but share:

  1. Mom has more books than I have and it is my life’s mission to FIX it. (I still need to check with dad though, he has magazines from 1980’s! & I have no clue how many my grand-dad has)
  2. I want a personal library with 1000 books.
  3. Fiction is good, but fantasy books are *********mindblowing awesome!
  4. I simply do not like starting a series untill the author is done with the complete work. I HATE having to wait for another book. ( I got Harry Potter & Princess Diaries box set – only once it was complete)
  5. I love Hard Cover & Coffee Table Books like I love Pizza.

Also, I did this fabulous Instagram challenge which is now on post : November Book Challenge.

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