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Book : The Avena Trilogy

Book- Avea Triology- series (1)

Title: The Avena Trilogy

Book 1 : Hidden

Book 2: Broken

Book 3: Fearless

Author: Marianne Curley

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 325+372 +375 = 1072 Pages

Source: Publisher

How long it took me to read: 2 Days/ Book

Rating: 5/5 *Highly Recommended*

Plot Summary (Back Cover): 

Book 1: When he took Ebony from me, I knew I would spend my life searching for her. Now I have found her, he will do everything in his power to keep us apart.Ebony has lead a very sheltered life. She isn’t ready for the disturbing things which start happening to her. But these events are just part of a discovery that will rock her whole life.

Ebony’s life wasn’t ‘sheltered’ – she was hidden away. Now her location is no longer secret, but who will find her first?

Book 2: Ebony has always known she’s different. But when she discovers her true nature, she doesn’t want to believe it. She is unique. Snatched at birth from her home and hidden on Earth, she knows nothing of the place she came from. But her past is coming to claim her and Ebony finds herself increasingly torn between those she loves and her true destiny, as forces pulling her in different directions start to spiral out of control.

Book 3: For sixteen years Ebony doesn’t know she was an angel. Or that her true soulmate Nathaneal was searching for her. Now ready to start a life with him, in a cruel wist of fate Ebony is captured by a dark angel and imprisoned in hell. As long as Ebony has Nathaneal’s love, she should have nothing to fear. But with Nathaneal needing to move heaven and earth to break through to her, how long can Ebony fight against the evil before it consumes her?

Will Nathaneal reach her in time? Can these long last lovers finally reunite and fulfil their destiny?

My Thoughts: 

Book 1: If you are the kind of person who simply can’t wait to let 100 pages pass before something really starts to make sense – well GOOD NEWS, this is exactly the book series for you! This series is designed to consume your mind and heart into it & that is exactly what it did to me. A lot of first books in the series just sets up the character base and sometimes turn out dull, however, this series picks up high pace from the very beginning.

Book 2: Marianne Curley’s writing is brilliant, especially in this book from trilogy. She brought emotions to life in her books with this one. Even with introduction of a lot of new characters, nothing is confusing and you can see right through the author’s vision of the worlds – Heaven & Hell (along with others) – keeping aside the pre-notions & images we all have …You see exactly what the author wants. And for a world who’s image we have already drawn… is a talent which makes me respect her work.

Book 3: Especially with this book in series, I had to take frequent breaks after every 2-3 chapters to let everything sink in. I was so much into the series, I had to struggle to get my thoughts & emotions into check. After a day of being exhausted of trying to keep myself away from reading further, I  finally decided to spend the night (8-9 hours) to finish it. I simply had to get to the end and read the final pages – which I knew would eventually end on a happy note. Prior to all of it, there was such a torn situation that already has been mentioned in second book’s summary (too hard not to do a spoiler here, yet say what I want to!), but the end simply was unexpected & spectacular. Can’t stop praising the marvelous writing style!

My Favourite parts in the book: Angles, demons (well most of part when the evil takes over the mind) & the ultimate climax. I love how the different worlds have been interlinked and explained so well. I only just started to complain what happens to everyone else involved through the story, but then remembered that obviously the curiosity has to be maintained for the next book in the series. So THAT, I was totally looking forward to!

Well, keeping the curiosity levels high, I started the next book in the series only to have my curiosity multiplied insanely for the next book. AND I was not disappointed at any moment.

Going to stay on my Bookshelf? Yes! Yes ! YES! The ending was soo beautiful, I was in tears. Totally worth a read.

Amazon Link to buy the books: Hidden, Broken, Fearless

Also, I will be reading Guardian of Times Trilogy  by the same author and my expectations with it are just as high! The books are soo soo soooooo good!

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