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Book Review: The Transformer

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Title: The Transformer

Author: Kris Gethin

Publisher: Om Books International

Genre: Autobiography

Pages: 198

Source: Publisher

How long it took me to read: A day

Rating: 4/5

About: The Transformer follows Kris Gethin’s story from a small town in Wales, barely in control of his own life—all the way to Mumbai, India, where he transformed the bodies of Bollywood stars like Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham while helping millions get their dream physiques around the world.
At 23, Kris is going nowhere. Then, one day, he goes to watch a bodybuilding competition and is amazed by the incredible physiques of the colossal men on stage. He decides that if he is ever to fulfil his potential he must transform himself like them. Kris soon discovers that not only does transformation change his body drastically; it alters his life each time he undergoes it. From a small town in Wales to Australia to the United States he goes from success to success helping others along the way, whilst rising to the top of the world of natural bodybuilding.

Kris continues to transform many lives. He travels the world educating, certifying and inspiring people via his motivational seminars and practical workshops.

My Thoughts: Call me ignorant, but I had no clue about Kris’ life except for a tiny fact that he was behind the transformation of Hritik Roshan’s boy transformation. Which by-the-way I was going most gaga over. I was expecting a lot from Kris’ experiences in India – unfortunately – that turned out to be be just a tiny part in the end of the book. Nevertheless, while I awaited the part where his journey in India was started, I not only got to know a lot more about his life but was also highly inspired by the struggles.

Through the ups and downs of his life, Kris shows how he found motivation and excitement and how he made business out of what he truly was dedicated to. A reader gets to see how Kris moves from one place to another and how he struggles through various challenges. I loved some parts of the book and enjoyed the book in all. Highly recommended for anyone who takes up their body seriously and wants to read all about the journey of failure and success into fitness.

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My Favourite parts in the book: 

“Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Embrace it.”

“Good things come with a price tag or that’s what my experience tells me. There are times when you have to make tough decisions and compromises in life”.

“Turn your weakness into a weapon. Transform impossibilities into opportunities. Control your environment and never let the latter control you”.

Going to stay on my Bookshelf?  No, I am passing this book to someone I know who is a great Kris Gethin fan. And I am sure he is going to love it.

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