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Book Review: The Beckoning of Gyanganj


Title:  The Beckoning of Gyanganj

Author: Chandan K Pathak

Publisher: Leadstart (Frog Books)

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 209

Source: Publisher

How long it took me to read:  5 Hours

My Rating: 4/5

Plot Summary: Gyanganj is a mystical abode of immortal beings located in the remote Himalayas. It influences series of events from two eras and results in The Beckoning of Gyanganj, a cocktail of Himalayan adventures, spiritualism, love and romance, hatred and politics, sufferings and revolt.

The challenging high altitude treks undertaken in remote Himalayas by Ravi and his fellow trekkers where lurked unknown dangers and challenges in every step and turn, the mysteries related to Gyanganj, the divine and immortal saints living there; the spiritual pursuit and associated challenges of Swami Raghunath; all seem to have some strange connection. The seed of love that germinated in Princess Lata s heart for Swami Raghunath and the curse of Queen Damini would have their karmic impact on several lives from the two eras.

The sufferings of poor peasants at the hands of demonic Akash in the kingdom of Mayurpura, the failed and annihilated protests of the youth, and their merciless killings by king s army make one lose hope of possible redemption. Strange turn of events, mysterious acts of destiny make Ravi, Lata, Swami Raghunath and Risha wonder what lies ahead!

My Thoughts: A story that travels between two era & divine powers puts Ravi, a Himalayan lover, deeper into the adventures and bliss he was seeking. Deeper than the experience that touches the soul who travel to mighty Himalayas for a break from regular lives. As it has been highlighted – this story  has everything from adventures, romance, sufferings & a greater deal of spiritualism. It is a book for readers who want to read fiction but can’t bear the details. Since it is kept short and precise. I would have loved even if the author went into detail descriptions and even deeper character built up, but it was a fast paced read for which I don’t have complains. The story is divided in four parts (50 pages approx in each part) which unfolds with a new story & ultimately is put together in last part piece by piece which makes perfect sense.

The story was very predictable & nothing really came as a surprise. Nevertheless, the reader would be able to read this is one go since the flow is simple and is perfect for light read.

The book ends with “to be continued…..” So I do hope the follow up parts have more adventures and greater unexpected turn of events.

My Favourite parts in the book: I simply love how the author has started the book with memories of Himalayas. Anyone who loves mountains & has taken a trip would be able to relate and connect with the book instantly. I also highly loved the parts wherein travelers share their stories which in turns creates curiosity for readers to discover more.

Going to stay on my Bookshelf? Yes, and looking forward to series ahead.. (as for series, the cover design could be much better!)

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