Book Review: Return of The Hypotenuse


Title: Return of The Hypotenuse – Poetry in Math & Science

Author: Sunil Mishra

Publisher: Spenta Multimedia

Pages: 100

Source: Publisher

How long it took me to read: Random Read

Rating: 4/5

About: This Book is a collection of fifty pieces 27 poems and 23 essays. The essays largely serve as explanatory notes for their respective poems the ones which require some explanation. The poems cover almost all the key concepts of Science and Math, which we studied in our schools and some of them, during our college like Newton s laws of motion, Einstein s Theory of Relativity, Theorem of Pythagoras, Basics of Geometry, etc.. The book is meant for everyone who has studied some math and science- it mixes nostalgia with fun. This can also be used by parents and teachers to read along with the children, as a serious aid to creative learning. Finally, when you are not reading it, this book can be used to prop up the shaky stool in your room – quick application of science.

My Thoughts:  This book promises to take you back in your school days…minus the pressures. The poems are great and a fantastic way to learn from in a really fun way. It is accompanied by science facts that are sure great way to leave an impression on young minds. What better than to have cool illustrations serving the right purpose! Sunil sure knows how to get the wheels in brain rolling with words that switches on imaginative thinking.
Short essays accompanied helps leaving a deeper impression since it explains the subject in deeper meaning.
I liked Science in general, but it turned a nightmare for me in High-school. I wish I had this back then, would have helped ease nerves and in better understanding of things. Overall, this is a great book for kids and adults alike.

After reading it, I can’t help but smile that the promise is well kept.

My Favourite parts in the book: It has to be the illustrations that go perfectly with the poems. (I really wanted to say pricing of the book i.e. 100 Pi = INR 314 – Now how cool is that! )

Going to stay on my Bookshelf? Yes, Perfect for geeks & non-geeks alike to bring back School memories! Definitely a fun way to learn…

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