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Book Review: Mohammed Rafi

Book- Mohammed Rafi-Om Book

Title: Mohammed Rafi – Golden Voice of the Silver Screen

Author: Sujata Dev – Forward: Dilip Kumar – Authorised: Shahid Rafi


Genre: Biography

Pages: 238 + 40 Min DVD

Source: Publisher

How long it took me to read: 2 Days

Rating: 5/5

About: Born in 1924 at Kotla Sultan Singh, a village near Amritsar, Mohammed Rafi, nicknamed ‘Pheeko’, was the second youngest of Hajji Ali Mohammed and Allah Rakhi’s six sons. He started singing early, deeply inspired by the songs of a wandering fakir, in the village. In the 1920s, circumstances compelled Rafi’s father to move to Lahore where he opened a small dhaba. Rafi’s elder brother, Mohammed Deen, started a barber shop in Noor Mohalla, Bhatti Gate in the same city, with Rafi lending him a helping hand. Meanwhile, Mohammed Deen’s friend, Abdul Hameed recognised Rafi’s talent and encouraged him to sing. Later, he convinced the reluctant family to allow him to take Rafi to Bombay. In 1944, the two arrived in an alien city from where Mohammed Rafi slowly won over the heart of an entire nation. Mohammed Rafi: Golden Voice of the Silver Screen is the authorised biography of one of India’s most beloved singers.  

My Thoughts: Mohammad Rafi’s life has been a journey shared with family, friends and people in industry who keep him in their hearts even today. Every aspect of his life – since his birth- has been narrated by his youngest brother and childhood best friend. Rafi, known as Pheeko by his family and friends has had passion for singing from early age. Even though he struggled through early years and worked in a small shop, his love for music never left his side and was ignited by a fakir. Rafi’s passion for music was given wings when he auditioned for All India Radio & passed. Ofcourse, this was just the start. There are details in this book that one would discover & music lovers would surely enjoy for the style it is narrated in.

Dedicated pages full of photographs & celebrated moments in Rafi’s life makes this book altogether a memorable copy. However, I would have loved if instead of a regular print, this book would have been a premium coffee table book in matt/gloss finish. That in my opinion would have made it a perfect Coffee Table keeper & personal possession.

But as a bottom-line, author has worked hard to revive memories 34 years after The Legend’s death, which is highly commendable.

My Favourite parts in the book: Dedicated pages full of photographs from the archives. Couldn’t help but smile.

I kept smiling while flipping through the pages in the book… as the mention of every song meant I sang along (well for most part as long as I could recall the lyrics)

Going to stay on my Bookshelf? Yes, Mohammad Rafi’s music has filled my childhood with some of the best memories of travel and weekends since my dad is one of the biggest fan. I’ve always felt highly of Kishor Kumar and while reading this book, I only realized that both are my equal favorites.

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