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Book Review: Intern Abroad This Summer

Title: Intern Abroad This Summer

Author: Aniket Singh

Publisher: Notion Press

Genre: Personal Development

Pages: 170

Source: Author

How long it took me to read: 2 Days

Rating: 4/5

Introduction: Are you a go-getter looking to travel the world as a student? This book will show you how!! Most students today are unaware that they can find a paid internship in a foreign university, and even if they do know, they do not bother applying, believing the field to be too crowded. Your years as a student are the most critical years of your life – your building blocks to a great future. Simply focusing your student’s years working on getting good grades is just seeing half the picture. Internships, volunteering and practical experiences are what set you apart from the crowd much more than good grades. This book will show you how to hustle your way into a great foreign internship and use the internships as a springboard to find that dream job, make personal connections that last a lifetime and travel the world as a student. Sounds daunting? Well, that’s where the Intern Abroad This Summer comes in. Find answers to all your queries on how you can land that dream internship, and many valuable tips in this book, written by Aniket Singh. Aniket is an alumnus of IIT Madras and currently works at Apple at their Headquarters in Cupertino, California. This book a must have for all students aspiring to take control of their desired future – will help you . Get an edge to make you stand out from the crowd of the millions of students looking for internships.

My Thoughts: I remember back in the days when I was applying for internship. Geared up with my resume, I dropped it at just about every media house hoping to get a call back from somewhere. Now that I read this book, I realize how things could have been different back then. This book has absolutely everything one needs to know if they want to get an exposure abroad and travel the world through their internship. The world is full of opportunities and most people often hesitate to take the right steps that will help them grow, often because they don’t even realize they have all the opportunities waiting for them. Written in simple language, this books holds all that is to know about interning abroad.

My Favourite parts in the book: The book contains numerous example, samples and then there is ‘story time’ between chapters. I personally enjoyed this section the most. The author shares his experiences and while reading the book I could see how anyone who opts to follow their heart and intern abroad will have their very own experiences.

Going to stay on my Bookshelf? : Yes. This book will be passed down to anyone who wants to know all it takes to get a paid internship anywhere in world.

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