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Book review: For Love and Honour

Currently reading this fabulously gripping story by Anand Ranganathan. For Love and Honour Published by @bloomsburyindia P.s. @instagram has come up with the cool update. So cool I am in mood of holiday photographs already! #bloomsburyindia #sunflarearthouse #meghajainphotography #bloomsbury #book #bookreview #booklover #igreads #forloveandhonor #anandranganathan #bomanirani #gulpanag #mjreads

Title:  For Love and Honour

Author: Anand Ranganganathan

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 351

Source: Publisher

How long it took me to read:  2 days

My Rating: 5/5

Plot Summary (Back Cover) : Even as Kapil Dev lifts the 1983 World Cup, thousands of miles away, in the dense jungles of Mizoram, a secret mission stands compromised. At a terrible cost. Forced to engage in fierce combat with a group of insurgents, Captain Akhil Mehra loses his right hand.

Leaving the army, he takes a position at Carlington tea estate, owned by the dignified and wealthy Rai Bahadur. Here he encounters Indrani and Ipsita, the Rai Bahadur’s beautiful and mysterious daughters, and Norden, his faithful assistant. Hoping to start a new chapter, Captain Mehra realizes instead that his troubles are just beginning…

For Love and Honour is a racy, heart-stopping love stopping love story set against the backdrop of an insurgent northeast.

My Thoughts: THAT IS SOME SERIOUS STORYTELLING! Their are several accidents that happen around at official positions. Mostly that comes into the action out of the idea of protection, yet affecting lives of locals at large. (No one ofcourse talks about it openly…even media takes blind-eye-approach). This novel touches the issues in north-east amidst a love triangle, done so effortlessly by the author, that it keeps the interest into the book going. This book is definitely worth a read.

My Favourite parts in the book: Men who say their journey was beautiful are often those who fall victims to mirage, failing to understand that a journey is beautiful only when the mind wants it to be so. The trick is to keep the mind away from restlessness, to force it to take in new sights and not recollect the old; and finally, to not fall asleep.

Captain Mehra failed on all three counts.

Going to stay on my Bookshelf? Yes. The story stayed with me for a whole week before I could pick another one up. Thrilling & written to perfection. A fair warning – TRAGIC- yet parallel story telling has been done to perfection… you can only marvel as you read on….

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