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Book Review: Emotional Hostage

Book - emotional hostage

Title: Emotional Hostage

Author: Indoo Seth


Genre: Fiction

Pages: 167

Source: Publisher

How long it took me to read: 4 Hours

Rating: 3/5

Plot Summary (Back Cover): Simran, the recently divorced young mother of a girl, is trying to piece together her life, analyse her broken marriage and spend time with friends so that she can put her past behind, and look up at life again. A chance meeting with the successful and dapper Rahul tips the balance and Simran finds herself being drawn to him. Both embark on a whirlwind romance, travelling to exotic places to fuel their burgeoning passion. All seems well, except that Rahul is a much-married man.
Emotional Hostage is a moving tale of an unusual bond between two people who may have wanted to step out of their usual life.

My Thoughts: This book reflects the truest deepest complications and emotions in the lives of grown ups who CLEARLY know what outcomes anticipates ahead from their actions. The author doesn’t hide the fact that these characters know things can turn ugly, which has been written in flawless style of narration. Adults struggling a balance between their emotional happiness & of society’s reactions come as no surprise. Infact, there are no surprises in the book at all (atleast not for me). However, this book is worth a read for anyone looking for a short read into the lives of complicated relationships and may find their minds working to anticipate what this author unfolds eventually. It involves a great deal of personal choices of people (which I don’t support personally – call me old fashioned) however, a turn of events and a true view into complicated lives for once doesn’t harm.

I would surely recommend this book for a once time read to adults. (DO not pick this book expecting it to be another erotic once only coz I recommend this for adult). It simply is a story that might not interest children. But nevertheless, this is a nice book with everyone’s point of view in the book and a few chapters highlight Rahul’s thoughts which balances it all leaving no scope of wondering what the married man thinks in between all the chaos.

My Favourite parts in the book: I enjoyed the seamless flow of the book. No particular part of the book was a surprising treat though.

Going to stay on my Bookshelf? Not really. This book is nice for a one time quick read & I might pass it on. Reflects true feelings in the lifestyle of the new face in society – which ofcourse, is not talked too openly about, since someone or the other is involved in this Emotional Hostage, always.

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