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Book Review: Eighteen the end of Innocence

Book- eighteen

Title:  Eighteen- The End of Innocence

Author: Sudham

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 236

Source: Author (Signed Copy)

How long it took me to read: A day

Rating: 4/5

About: It is 1990, Raghu is in the final year of an all-boys school in Delhi. The monotony of attending school is broken by escapades with Aadi – his best friend and the rest of the gang from school. High on hormones the boys are knocking hard on the doors of adulthood! A slew of blank calls and a mystery caller bring intrigue into Raghu’s life. He is surprised when one fine day Shalini, a girl from his study group turns up at his doorstep. Raghu and Shalini join forces to nail the mystery caller and soon find themselves falling in love. A coming of age fiction set in Delhi of the early 1990s, Eighteen: The End of Innocence traces the lives of three teenagers – Raghu, his girlfriend Shalini and his best friend Aadi. It is a tale about the choices young adults make, often blurring the line between fun and felony in the name of love or for the sake of friendship. Eighteen: The End of Innocence is a journey from turning an adult to maturing into one.

My Thoughts: I quite like the writing style. Set in 90’s era, the entire 3/4th book goes as a journey from school days to career choices and college struggles. Between friendships & love, the feelings of each character in the book are conveyed effortlessly in words.
I love the last 1/4th part of the book. Here each character which earlier plays an equal part through the book has a dedicated chapter on their lives which helps connect better. There is simplicity in this book which makes it special & there is just something in this book we all can relate to. Maybe it is for the fact that we’ve all probably faced every bit of excitement in silly things and we’ve all have had groups which did change in some way or the other over the growing years.

It is a nice light read. Honest, minus the high-drama. Little details make it a good read. You can look forward to flashbacks of your own life as the memories of something relatable pops up.

My Favourite parts in the book: I loved how effortless this book shared stories of characters all in one and then one by one.

Going to stay on my Bookshelf? Yes. Firstly because it is a personally signed copy. Secondly, because the book is a pleasant light read.

I don’t know what plans the author has, but I would be interested if a sequel of the same comes out in 2016! The character built us is that good!

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