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Book Review : Celebrate Life, Food & Wine

Book - Om- Celebrate Life, Food & Wine (3)

Title: Celebrate Life, Food & Wine

Author: Varun Inamdar


Genre: CookBook

Pages: 64 (24 recipes)

Source: Publisher

Rating: 3.5/5

About: Celebrate Life, Food and Wine presents some classic Indian dishes, including the signature biryani, in an entirely new light. And be it a casual brunch, a family lunch or entertaining friends, a peek into the wine-pairing profiles gives the reader just the winning combinations to try out.

My Thoughts: A book that works as a quick guide when you are looking forward to celebrate. Perfect for a relaxed evening with something refreshing & experimental new flavors while keeping the mood soothing altogether. Contains a mix of Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian recipes along with a few refreshing drinks.

The book simply contains recipes prepared with a portion of wine as a part of recipe, rather than dishes you can serve to go along with a wine ( Although I would have loved it even more if a section contained the cuisines to be prepared alongside of a few selective wines- since I don’t believe all the guests present might have the flavor developed )
Most recipes have simply & quick tips to make the cooking experience even more easy going which is fantastic !

Going to stay on my Bookshelf? Yes

Also, go easy on wine while preparing and serve one dish at a time. All recipes prepared with wine would take down the charm of your meal. So go one at a time.

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