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Book Review: …And then you’re Dead!

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Title: ..And then you’re Dead! 47 reasons to start living now

Author: Jim Rai

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Pages: 223

Source: Publisher

How long it took me to read: A few hours

Rating: 4/5

About: The book has three centuries worth of timeless wisdom, which the author has eloquently captured. This book is a collection of thoughts that is brought to life and hand delivered as a gift for you, and for generations to come.

My Thoughts: One of the best books I’ve read this year. A simple read – which felt like meditation.
I am not a fan of books around self help topics – And I love this book coz it isn’t, yet there is a peaceful light that surrounds you when you read it.. This is a book of simple everyday wisdom and I loved reading it.
The pages are fine glossy quality- a keeper, both on bookshelf & in life.

My Favourite parts in the book: I’ll be honest! It is the entire book. Well it does have some blank pages in between, it will be cool to pen down my own thoughts. Just for now, I don’t want to spoil it – but definitely looking forward to pen down my thoughts in the next read (which by the way is going to happen tonight)

...and then you are dead! This book is truly unlike any self-help book that I usually completely ignore. This is a book of simple everyday wisdom and I loved reading it. Definitely a favourite now. Going to stay around forever 😀 #jimrai #bloomsbury #BloomsburyIndia #bookshelf #mjreads #sunflarearthouse

Going to stay on my Bookshelf? Yes. it has made it’s spot on my favorites shelf!

You can buy this on Amazon here.

One of the few books that truly had a calming impact on me while reading. Already read it thrice before posting this on blog.

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