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Book Review : 1 Friend Request Sent- From Hanuman

Book- Hanuman

Title: 1 Friend Request Sent From Hanuman

Author: Neeraa Maini Srivastav

Publisher: Cedar Books (Pustak Mahal)

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 144

Source: Publisher

How long it took me to read: 5 Hours

Rating: 3/5

About (back cover): In a highly digitized world where social media has almost replaced human interactions on the physical plane, what if something magical happens that defies logic, convention and reason? This is where the story begins. The location: none other than a social media platform. The protagonist: none other than a social media addict- 10 year old Pia whose world transforms radically one day when confined to her room with a leg injury, she has a virtual encounter on her favourite social media site: Peerbook with an unknown friend, Hanu who cheers up a dismal Pia with jokes, chatter, shop talk and even guidance till Pia unveils her new friend’s identity. Could it be possible that Hanu is none other than the ancient Indian epitome of might, valour and devotion: Hanuman? Can Pia actually chat with the ancient deity online and share her innermost fears and dreams with someone she has thus far only known in mythology comics and movies? Can she move from disbelief to faith? Can she discover a strength she has never known? Find out in this uniquely thrilling and enlightening first-time ever encounter between a victim of technology and the supreme power- and all that transpires in between.

My Thoughts: The title itself is catchy. You can’t help but have a constant curiosity to find out more about the book and what goes in it. Is it a dream? Is it a parent playing along? Or is it really God? A 10 year old girl who gets stuck in bed due to an injury. To fill in her time and to share her feeling she comes across a strange friend request. Curious, she accepts it and feels a connection with the new friend. As the book progresses, there are many incidences that will make the reader smile. The book covers numerous aspects in a really simple way which makes it a light and interesting read. The language is simple and covers a whole lot of aspects that growing kids can relate from and learn.

My Favourite parts in the book: 

It seemed like a matrix of events so skillfully spun and woven to perfection through laced with surprise, a surprise that turns an ordinary event into a miracle. She almost pinched herself to examine if all this was real.

Going to stay on my Bookshelf? Yes. Love the innocence of this book. Great book to share with kids.

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