My brother was getting married.. And yes… I confess..! I was absolutely dying to shoot a wedding and this was my best chance to do so !I never realized how much I have been blessed to have a fun family like this.. ! Fun crazy people.. dancing and being there for each other with just about everything. […]

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A perfect Morning ! The huge curtains diffusing light filling the room with calmness… The birds singing their morning songs of glory.. there is a charming lady who dances to the melody of her happiness…   This picture for me is a Bliss.. ! My favorite most from all the pictures I’ve captured so far… You can always shoot up the ISO to H(12800) […]

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Exactly on the 4th day after the “Baby Love” came to my life… It rained… ! I didn’t have any other reason to shoot this expect for the fact that I was happy and I had a beautiful motivation with me…my guide…my sister…the model for this shoot !! It indeed is one of the best […]

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  • nice work here, best is the one with the fennel seeds , involves an amalgam of colours that gives it a tinge of vibrance , secondly these are usually associated with pre-adolescence, so it depicts a connection between the two ages,
    very nice picture( neither am I into fashion and as it turns out the camera hates me, but from where i see it, it is a great click 🙂 )

  • Oh my God! I love these pictures. Please, I want a shoot like this, during my next visit to Delhi 😀

  • Thanks! 🙂

  • Thanks a lot Samia !! Surely !! I’ve been looking forward to shoot something really different 🙂


    Your clicks have a lyrical quality about them Megha !! Thoroughly enjoyed what they said 🙂

Away From Home …Its not always that all the best pictures have the best stories related to it.. and its not always that all the bad pictures have the bad stories related to it..This picture is neither good nor it has a very special story behind it..It was taken on a day out with friends […]

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