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Birthday Surprises & Family times 2015

Childhood creates bonds that are so special, we hold on to them for life… Over the passing years, life comes with bigger and better things and we follow the new phase even it it means travelling long distances. Study, work, marriage, promotions, settling down with kids & travelling for their brighter future, brings us to new places for good. The only bad part is moving away from the people we live super close to.

With my sister’s wedding last year, I terribly missed the presence of hugs and sloppy kisses at midnight. Also, the times when I used to be kicked out from my own room (so she could setup the room and light up candles to be blown). So for the first birthday away when I don’t get to share the room with her on her birthday, I simply had to send over a midnight surprise to have my presence there. Having used  Ferns & Petals services previously, I saved oodles of time.

celebrating birthdays & family time-2

Well, this is what I planned for with the banked up time. We are family of people who love to gift hand-made (well mostly of the times when we are simply too emotional about the first times and all ). Got the photographs printed & here is what we did to a simple wind-chime.

celebrating birthdays & family time-3

We had celebrated with family dinner at The Nook (inserting photo). This place gets a special mention in this post ‘coz it deserves it! The food was fabulous!

celebrating birthdays & family time-1

I fell in love with Hummus & Pita a couple of years back when a fabulous guy I know cooked it up and served it in style. (If you are following me on Instagram – you already know about it)

I had previously sent a box of chocolate and flowers to my friend in Nagpur for his clinic’s inauguration & I used the Same Day Delivery services by Ferns & Petals. I couldn’t travel to be physically present at the event, but ensured to be there with a simple gesture. Well, I have my attendance marked at Bodhankar Dental Clinic, Nagpur. Surprisingly, the chocolates that I sent, was the only available dinner he managed that night. Brownie points for the tummy time with those memories, right? 

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