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Beauty is… Stop reading this!

Why you need to stop reading the posts on beauty and follow your heart!


Below is a simple observation by someone who has been in the industry and have seen it all change the colors (literally), so that next season all the shades of your lipsticks and nail-paints become uncool and boring. Also, so that you obviously invest a whole lot of money trying out what’s new to try to stand out, while what you really are doing is trying to fit in.

They tell you thin shaped brows are cool, they tell you uni-brows are uncool, they tell you thick brows are in and ways to get that.
They will tell you coz there are bunch of brainless people sitting out there for any article to write on in the name of content and they will do so by copy pasting everything a bunch of people just decides to write in coz they need to EXPRESS INDIVIDUALITY, whereas all they are being is becoming puppets to people who think about nothing but money.

If only contouring for face wasn’t much of a joke already, they now teach you how to contour your legs, hands and even boobs.

Stay REAL.

  • Bravo! Eye opening for people who fall into the “This is in!” trap. 😊

  • Mansi, I hope it reaches more people. The trends won’t let people live beyond it! The worst is when it creates a terrible self-doubt.

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