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Author Portrait : Debajani Mohanty

Starting out Book reviews on my blog following my love for books has truly been a spectacular journey. A lot of people ask how to get started with it – well I would save that for later post.

The journey has been mostly fantastic but at times it was difficult too when a book didn’t meet my reading appetite and hence had to be turned down. The ups and downs through the past one year into book blogging has taught me so much. It also made me pick up and read books that I might have never picked up otherwise. To my delight, I am glad I found such books – or as to say, they picked me! One such book is The Curse of Damini by Debjani Mohanty.

You can read all about the book and my thought in my review post.

I received a mail from Debjani and after a few calls, we met the for commissioned portrait. This was not only an honored moment but also a great opportunity to meet an author who’s book I truly loved! Meeting her in person and working with the author added another happy feather to my hat.

Debjani Potrait-1Debjani Potrait-2Debjani Potrait-3Debjani Potrait-4Debjani Potrait-5Debjani Potrait-6

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