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Apoorva&Rahul : Wedding

It all began when Apoorva contacted me after being recommended by a friend of a friend. I was introduced through a series of events and was thrilled by the excitement in Apoorva’s voice for her wedding! And after a coffee meet up with Apoorva, Rahul and THE SAALI; I was all set to shoot my first complete wedding.
Yes, I have had shot at about 10 weddings before this, but never from the start to the end. Right from the Sangeet at Rahul’s residence in Faridabad that helped me introduce to everyone; to the morning rituals from both Rahul and Apoorva’s sides followed up with Apoorva’s “Getting ready moments….to Rahul’s Safa bandhi …to wedding and after a Pahadi pooja and Gurudwara rituals uptill vidai at 6am. Yes ! “
Here is how it all finally came out.
Click here to see the wedding highlights and my favorites.

2013 was the best start year. I had been shooting for a long time but to turn Wedding Photography into full time business was a hard decision to make, only because I am too much emotional when it comes down to someone’s memories on their most special life event. And I have to confess, I do get attached to all the photographs, they work as lift me up just by seeing the beauty I have been able to capture, and I can’t help but smile.
With a background of a joint family with extended family, weddings always have been the special time for me and I have felt being connected to people and cherished the photographs as much as I have while attending my own family weddings.

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