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a slice of my life

I am a mess (written when I was 18)…

I am a sucker for smiles and little things that make people around smile.. I can never comb my hair, and my mom believes that tangled hair is a sign f angled life.. maybe that is true.. but I feel free with unkempt hair. I don’t like every strand of hair in perfect place. For me, I like my hair unexpected and never in place so that wind can play around with it and I can cherish every bit of it. I don’t put kajal, that’s something that calls for serious maintenance with the dark circles under my eyes, but I never regret the nights I stay up either. I love that calm, that peace of night and how even the slightest sound is registered! Hence I prefer going to temples when it isn’t in it’s high glory of a festival. Yes there is high energy around a temple with hundreds of people all around, it is euphoric. But the city chaos simply makes me want some me time in a peaceful temple.

I love meeting people and knowing their stories. A part of me wants to listen stories and share them and hope that stories make a positive calming difference in lives of anyone who reads, listens or come across them in a usual conversation. I blog the stories I come across so I can share it with someone else who wants to hear them. Some stories are relatable, some inspiring and some that just bring a smile on someone’s face. I hope you find something on this blog worth coming back for, something that perhaps made you smile. When it does and if you feel so, do leave a little comment/msg so I know that you are reading them.

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